>>I'm selling all the rights of Win10 Controller for $13000. This includes the source codes of both Android, iOS, Windows Phone versions of the app and C# codes of the server app, domain name, transferring the app to your account on Google Play and Windows Store.

>>If you're interested in acquiring, please contact me by kerimka@yahoo.com

Use as a mouse with multitouch gestures

Use your Windows 10 PC as if it is a tablet. Win10 Controller gives you lots of customizable multitouch gestures.

Remote Controller for most used apps

Remote controls for most used media players, web browsers and general commands.

Start Screen with custom tiles

Customizable start screen to open your favorite apps, files. folders. web pages etc.

Edge Gestures as seen on Windows 10 tablets

Swipe from left, right, top and bottom edges to perform actions like switch apps, show charms, close app etc. All customizable. Two finger edges gestures are also available.

Voice Commands to control your PC

Perform actions like running an app, opening a folder, navigation to a web page, play a music just by your voice.

Custom Gestures to perform custom actions

Just draw something to run an app, open a folder, visit a page etc.

Motion Actions by various options

Tilt or shake your device to perform an action like going back/forward in web browser. With motion to zoom feature you can zoom into photos by tilting your phone.

Virtual Keyboard with additional keys

Type text from your Android device with ease. Also works with Swipe keyboard. Additional keys (Enter, ESC, Tab, arrow keys etc.) are also available.

Power options to control your PC easily

Shut down, turn on, restart, sleep, hibernate and lock your PC from your device easily.

Talk to Cortana by your phone

You can talk or type Cortana remotely and let her answer your questions or control your PC.

Task View to switch apps

Easiest way to switch open apps and virtual desktops.

Snap windows to any edge

Snap any window to any edge with just one tap.

Natural Scrolling both for metro and desktop

By using scroll area, you can easily scroll for metro apps easily. Also, by three fingers swipe gestures, you can scroll in desktop apps too.

Search Google and YouTube very easily

Search by speaking or typing. It's a very easy way to search.

Adjust Volume of your PC

Easily adjust the volume of your PC from your device.

Very customizable

Almost all actions are customizable through server app.


Version 1.0
Please download this server app to your PC. This is the portable version, no need to install, just unzip and run. Your device communicates with your PC through this server app.

Download the app to your Android device. Please note that it is named as "Controller for Win10" on Google Play.