tips to make you start quickly
Q: How to start?
Download Win10 Controller Server portable app, unzip it and run.
Download and install Win10 Controller app to your Android device.

Make sure you have an active WiFi connection and you've connected your PC and your device to the same WiFi network.

Run Win10 Controller Server app on your PC. (At first use, Windows will ask you whether you want to allow this application or not. You need to allow because Win10 Controller app on your phone needs to communicate with the PC by this server app)

Run Win10 Controller app on your Android device.


At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a "Not Connected" badge. Tap this badge.

If you're using the Paid version, the app tries to connect to PC automatically at the app startup (if Quick Connect is enabled from user settings).

Otherwise, you can tap the either "Auto Connect" or "Manual Connect" button on the new screen.


Be sure Win10 Controller Server app is running on your PC and tap "Auto Connect". It tries to connect to your PC automatically.

Or you can use the "Manual Connection" screen. It will ask you the local IP of your PC, so it will communicate through your PC by this local IP. Your local IP address is displayed on the Win10 Controller Server app's main screen.


When the connection established, it will redirect you to the main screen and the a Connection Success tip will be displayed . Now you can move your finger over the screen and see if the mouse cursor on your PC is moving too.

Mouse functions
The black area of the main screen is the trackpad. You can perform mouse function by interacting with this area.

Some of most used mouse functions are below. Please note that you can always change most of these actions from the Win10 Controller Server app's settings window.

Move: Just move your finger over this area

Left Click: Tap with one finger once

Right Click: Tap with two fingers once

Middle Click: Hold one finger for a while

Double Click: Tap with one finger twice

Scroll with touch: Move your finger over the scroll area vertically or horizontally. This simulates a touch screen move. So say, you can use this area to move a window by its title area.

Scroll (traditional): Tap the scroll mode button (the small button below the scroll area, named "Touch" by default). It will change to "Scroll". Now when you move your finger over the scroll area, it works like a traditional mouse scroll wheel.

Edge Gestures
* Win10 Controller Paid version supports both one finger and two fingers swipes from edges. Free version supports only one finger swipes.

The blue lines on the 4 edges indicates the edge areas. (You can hide these lines from the settings screen) When you perform a swipe gesture beyond these indicators, it performs the edge gesture actions. There are lots of actions you can assign for every edge gesture. You can assign the actions from Win10 Controller Server app's settings window. The default ones are below:

Left Edge with one finger: Switch to next open app

Right Edge with one finger: Open Action Center

Top Edge with one finger: Minimize the current window

Bottom Edge with one finger: Show Start Menu

Left Edge with two fingers: Switch to next virtual desktop

Rigth edge with two fingers: Switch to previous virtual desktop

Top Edge with two fingers: Close the current window

Bottom Edge with two fingers: Show Desktop

Remote Controllers
You can control the most used apps from your phone by Win10 Controller.

Just tap the app icon you want to control and it will display the available commands.

So, for example you can control the Media Player app to make it play, pause etc.

Start Screen
You can find the most used builtin shortcuts on the Start Screen. You can always add custom tiles to this screen and assign actions to these tiles to perform lots of tasks on your Windows 10 PC.

To assign an action to a custom tile, please go to the settings window of the Win10 Controller Server app and switch to Custom Tiles section.

Voice Commands
By Voice Commands, you can perform custom actions on your computer just by talking.

You can define custom voice commands from the settings windows of the Win10 Controller Server app. And after you define commands there, you can tap the Command button (you see on the screenshot above) and say the command.

Also, as you can see on the screenshot above, there is another voice command option named "Text". This allows you to dictate text to your computer just by talking. You talk, it types automatically.

Talk to Cortana
You can talk or type to Cortana from your phone. Tapping the blue circle icon lets you type to Cortana and holding this icon lets you talk to Cortana.

Custom Gestures
You can draw custom gestures to perform actions on your computer. You can assign actions to your gestures from the settings window of the Win10 Controller Server app.

To add a new gesture, tap the Manage Gestures button (as seen above). Here you can see the saved gestures. To remove a gesture, please hold your finger over the gesture for a while.

And tap the New Gesture button. And draw your preferred gesture.

Motion Actions
There are 3 types of motions actions: Tilt, Shake and Zoom.

By default, tilting is disabled. You can always enable it from the settings screen of your app. But please note that, when you enable both tilt and shake actions, only the tilt action will be performed and shake action will be ignored.
You can assign actions to tilt and shake from the settings window of Win10 Controller Server app.

Tilt: When you tilt your phone to the left or right, any action you set from the server app will be performed (like going to next page or previous page on a web browser).

Shake: When you shake your phone, any action you set from the server app will be performed (like switching to the next song on media player).

Zoom: You can zoom in/out photos or any other stuff on your computer just by tilting your phone. To make it happen, please tap the button just below the scroll area. It will switch to "Motion" (as seen below). Now, to zoom in or out, hold the scroll area and tilt your phone up/down.

Full Screen Trackpad
You can hide the other stuff to make the space for trackpad wider. To do so, just tap the blue button just below the top menu. It will hide the top menu. To show it again, tap the blue button again.

Q: Why can't connect to PC?
  • Make sure your device's WiFi is on.
  • Make sure your Android device and your computer is connected to the same network (same internet connection).
  • If the Auto Connect fails, try "Manual Connect"
  • (If you're trying to connect manually)Make sure you entered the correct local IP Address and Port number into your phone app. The local IP Address of your computer is displayed in the main window of Win10 Controller Server application. The port numbers are on the settings screens of both apps.
  • If you have more than one network connection on your computer, the server app will display all the local IPs. Please try another one if the one you've tried didn't work.
  • Make sure you set your firewall to allow Win10 Controller Server app to communicate and use the port.
Q: Sometimes mouse cursor won't move/click
Windows 10 doesn't allow lower privileged apps to control higher privileged apps. For example, Task Manager is a high privileged app and when the foreground app is Task Manager, Win10 Controller won't be able to move the mouse cursor anymore. To fix this issue, you need to run Win10 Controller Server App as administrator. This way, Win10 Controller will have higher privilege and can perform all the mouse actions regardless of the focused app. To run the app as administrator, just right click the app's shortcut (from start menu) or app's .exe file and choose "Run as administrator".